Sustainable Fashion That  Brings Quiality

As a busy mom, you know that every little bit counts. That's why you're looking for quality clothes that will last, both for yourself and your little ones. If you’re looking for high quality while being conscious of the planet, then sustainable fashion is for you. 
Sustainable fashion is a great way to do both. Sustainable brands use high-quality materials and ethical production methods, so you can feel good about the clothes you're wearing and the impact you're making.

Here are a few tips for finding sustainable fashion that's perfect for moms:

Look for brands that use recycled materials and sustainable production methods. Many brands now list this information on their websites. You can be sure that when shopping with La Mere Village we do the hard work for you. We make sure that the brands we choose are sustainable. 
Support brands that are committed to fair trade and paying workers fair wages. This is especially important when shopping for children's clothing. We love brands like Foque and Paz Rodgruez for this reason. 
Buy high-quality clothes that will last longer. This may mean spending more upfront, but you'll save money in the long run because you won't have to buy new clothes as often. The brand we bring to our La mere village community is always high quality. We strive to save you money with pocket-friendly prices. 

Here are a few sustainable fashion brands that are perfect for the sustainable fashion forward moms:

Neve and Noor Dress, Paz Rodriguez Baby Outfit
La Mere Village: La Mere Village is a one-stop shop for sustainable fashion. We carry a wide range of brands and have a dedicated children's section.
When you choose sustainable fashion, you're not just making a good choice for yourself and your family. You're also making a good choice for the planet.
By supporting sustainable brands, you're helping to create a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. This is one of the reasons why we started. The owner, Hope Nelson went to school for fashion and with an eye for European charm, La Mere Village was born. The idea behind the LMV concept is to offer timeless, elevated (but wearable) pieces all in one place.
We are happy to have you support our small business while shopping for sustainable clothing for you and your little ones.