Hello! I'm Hope, the owner and founder of La Mère Village. 

Life immensely changed the moment I realized my husband and I's fertility journey had taken an exciting twist and at last, our biggest dream had been fulfilled and we were finally expecting our daughter, Isla Gale. 

As elated as I was to be pregnant, I would soon learn what would prove to be the bigger learning curve - that this journey would be an ever-changing, always-evolving one. And I didn't just become a mother and everything else fell into place perfectly. I quickly realized time was now a precious commodity, life was going to include a lot of “figuring it out as you go,” and most importantly – that I couldn’t do this motherhood thing alone. I needed a Village.

In addition, my love for baby fashion and baby gear grew with each passing day. I spent endless hours surfing the internet researching all things baby and every brand under the sun. The knowledge I gained was beyond helpful and truly invaluable.

Looking back at those first years of my motherhood, I realize how much time was spent scrolling online for high quality pieces that I knew would stand the test of time. I knew my discoveries could help moms save time and I envisioned a platform that would make it easy to find those quality pieces moms desire.

Hence, La Mère Village was born!

The site was founded with the belief that a purposeful, intentional lifestyle shouldn’t be limited to living our days in a foggy daze. We all remember the newborn haze, and sometimes it's difficult to pull ourselves out of it – especially when we are each overcoming our own unique obstacles.

This is why I felt called to design a digital destination where moms could practice a little escapism, if even for a brief moment. The world we live in is pulling us in so many directions, but I hope to help moms slow down, choose intentionality (in both life and fashion), and embrace these fleeting years with our children.

For me personally, I realized it was important to get out of the sweats, get dressed, and create memories. And you and your babies might as well look fantastic while creating them!

La Mère Village offers a one-stop shop selection of stylish clothing, gifts and baby essentials with the inclusion of community support to make your life with your babies a bit more magical and a lot more stylish! 

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. I am so glad you are here!