An Ode to Mothers Everywhere


I see you loving your child.


I see you giving it your All.


I see you pulling out the To-Do list, again.



Another day has arrived


… and there are things to do.


Humans to love.



Another opportunity to practice Patience …


Another chance to show Grace.



Another day to prepare the Next Generation


…to do the Right Thing.



And even more important -


Another day to instill in miniature humans


A Desire to Do Great Things. 



I see you running around town.


Doing everything you can to give them a Good Life.



And I see you with them…



Encouraging them.


Laughing at their jokes.


Providing Stability in this World. 



And most impressive of all …



 I see you


Freely and Wholly –


Giving out [unconditional] LOVE. 



Please know:



I see you working Hard.



Feeding them.


Cleaning up after their messes.


Washing their clothes.


Demanding Safety.


And my goodness …


Enforcing Hygiene!



I see you Trying your Best.



Teaching them about Life.


And Forgiveness.


And passing out Goodnight Kisses.



I see you Present,


[but also Tired].



Running on Coffee, Fumes and Jesus.



I relate to your cup overflowing – because I, too, am a mother with my own cup …


Pouring into my own children.



These are the Days!


[That is what they say] …



I know.





…It isn’t easy!



But Wow.


I am so, so incredibly proud of you!



No one loves them like you do, Mama.



No one else is their Safe Haven.



Their Protector.


Their Comforter.


Their Happy Place.



No one else is their definition of Security.



No one else is their Home.



And for those, reasons …


You should be proud of the life you are leading.



You are their Everything, Mama.



And because of You...


They feel like they Belong. 



In case no one has told you lately,


You are doing a magnificent job.