La Mère Village proudly carries beautiful fashions produced by London-based women's wear brand Neve and Noor. This brand began in 2016 when founder Sophie Mitchell fell in love with the timeless practice of block printing during her time in Jaipur, India. Her lifelong appreciation for style and fashion joined with her desire to keep this traditional process alive. Thus, Neve and Noor was born.


Sophie’s mission is to offer versatile, elegant styles that withstand the test of time and transcend typical trends. Her brand provides charming pieces that can be worn anywhere. From the city to the beach, and anytime, day or night. Just like our own founder, she focuses on the production of timeless, romantic-inspired fashion. Neve and Noor's timeless, romantic fashion aligns with our founder's vision.


Sustainable and Stylish

Stylish sustainable fashion by neve and noor


As a small-batch clothing brand, Neve and Noor offers limited stock of finely-designed garments decorated with intricate, eye-catching patterns. Each pattern is hand-carved into woodblocks and carefully printed using mixed dyes and a slow, methodical printing process.


A major part of this brand’s appeal lies in not only the fine details of its designs but also the materials used. Neve and Noor’s gorgeous pieces are made from comfortable, high-grade materials and fabrics including 100% organic, hand-printed cotton.


To top it off, each item is carefully constructed to produce minimum waste while maintaining impressive quality. The brand proudly operates as a purveyor of “slow” fashion, using the most ethical, traditional, and ecologically-responsible methods.


Why We Carry Neve and Noor

quilted bow jacket in golden yellow
Quilted Bow JacketLa Mère Village chose to include Neve and Noor products in our lineup for several reasons. Since our business focuses on curating classic, well-made, and vintage-inspired fashions, we believe that Neve and Noor’s pieces fit perfectly with our collection of lovely women and children’s clothing. Their dedication to promoting traditional craftsmanship techniques and a stylish yet sustainable aesthetic aligns with our own mission to bring our customers the finest, most exceptional clothing.
indigo quilted jacketgolden yellow quilted jacket


We also personally believe that many European brands and styles tend to have a more luxurious quality than American fashion labels. When you wear clothing from prestigious brands like Neve and Noor, you’ll feel the difference right away, from the intricate stitching to the softness of the material. 


The pieces we choose to carry are vastly different from the fast fashion brands and cheaply-manufactured goods you’ll find at department stores. We strive to provide dresses, tops, accessories, and more that all stand in a league of their own.

Classy and Convenient



Additionally, we know that shopping for luxury brands overseas can be a bit of a pain, especially when it comes to shipping and returns. Nothing sours a sweet purchase more than finding out that your package is being held up at customs or has become lost somewhere in transit. That’s why we expedite the process by bringing the goods closer to home, ensuring that your purchases make it to you much more quickly and safely.


If you don’t fall in love with your fashionable finds once they arrive, don’t worry - we offer free returns. Avoid the hassle of shipping back a purchase all the way across the ocean and simply send it back to us instead. 


By carrying Neve and Noor pieces, we can provide what even the most prestigious shops won’t have on their racks. In fact, we’re one of the few boutiques in the United States that carries this brand. If you’re a fan of unique clothing with style like no other, you’ll be right at home shopping with La Mère Village!

Why Choose La Mère Village?

blue and white long sleeve dress


When you make a purchase from La Mère Village, you’re not just supporting a woman-owned business that caters to classic, romantic-inspired tastes. You’re helping grow an uplifting lifestyle platform meant to provide support, inspiration, and a sense of community to mothers around the world.


We know that every woman has a unique, one-of-a-kind experience as they journey through motherhood. The path you create as a nurturing presence in your child’s life is your own, allowing you to choose your own definition of what it truly means to be a mother. 


And we’re quite aware of the difficulties that can arise during this journey, too, such as judgment, loneliness, or simply a lack of support. Motherhood may be rewarding, but it’s not always easy, which is why it’s so important that our village community provides the motivation that women need to overcome troublesome times in their lives.


That’s why our special village exists alongside your path - to help guide you and remind you that you’re part of a special community. La Mère grants us the opportunity to bring women together and help reduce the incidence of postpartum depression (PPD) and postpartum anxiety (PPA).


Reasonable Shipping Rates and Supporting a Small Business

Of course, there’s no denying the practical benefits of buying goods from our lovely Houston clothing boutique. We provide several perks for our customers to make your shopping experience smoother, including the following:


  • Shipping as low as $6 for domestic orders under $150
  • Free shipping and returns for orders over $150
  • International shipping via DHL Express or USPS
  • The convenience of finding several carefully-curated, premium brands and a wide variety of high-quality products in one place


And, as mentioned before, your dollars won’t be going towards a faceless corporation selling mass-produced goods with little regard to quality. Your purchases support a small, woman-owned business created to foster a positive community and connect like-minded individuals who also share a passion for classic, feminine fashion.


We hope you’ll choose La Mère Village, a Texas boutique, as a source of inspiration and for all of your mom and baby needs.