I think we all remember the infamous moment where we first saw the positive line on the stick, or the exact moment when we got "the" Call.

...the moment that officially made us a mother.

We all carry different stories as to the events leading up to seeing that line or hearing the news. 

Some of the emotions that were felt by us in those first few minutes may have included Joy, Excitement, Shock, Relief, Worry, or even gripping Fear.  

Oh that line! 

That call...

It meant something Huge.

Something way bigger than Myself.

Was I ready?  

It represented a Turning Point in each of our lives. 

It symbolized [The Shift].

The shift from the [Old Me] to the Evolving Me. 

One little line!

One brief phone call. 

Changed me. 


I’ll never forget the first moment when I knew

I was Becoming a Mother.